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Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm back from a long holiday.............NOT

Hi everyone,
Its been a while that I have posted a blog. I have been busy with work, children, husband with a bad back. You know life. I haven't had a minute to myself for the longest time. I am a zombie during the day and an insomniac at night. So frustrating.
I have been making my jewelry and other little projects. I also added myself on Yardsellr so lets see if this will work for me. I'm trying to get enough exposer to sell my jewelry and other pieces I make. I get allot of positive comments but no purchases. UGH...What to do? But I'm taking it in stride.  I hope it comes or I'm left with a whole lot of jewelry. I wouldn't have to go out and buy anything new.

This has been a crazy summer. One day its hot the other is cold, humid or wet here in NY. But I must say I am glad my son is out of Pre-K and will start kindergarden in the fall. YAY...I thought this day would never come. I think, no scratch that.........I know that when he starts school I will go out an buy a box of chocolates and lay in my recliner watching my programs in peace and overdose on my sweets without someone leering over my shoulder...I'm counting the days. All kidding aside though. My little man is a sweet, cute & good guy. He is right there when I need him and I wish I could give him the moon. I love him. He gives me the courage that I need.

Well, I am posting some pics of my new stuff and link to my other page. So please take a look and tell me what you think. Take care everyone.

One afternoon I decided to string a wooden bead to see how it came out...I think I did pretty well for my first time...
 I had this larger green lampwork bead I got in one of these misc. bead bags and too the longest time to figure out what to do. So I decided to make it out of a pocketbook charm just to add a little extra bling. I think its cute and will be doing more of these projects.
 So I was sitting on my sofa and was thinking what can I do with some extra ribbon I have. So I decided to make barrettes out of them just for the hell of it. Now all I have to do is attach it to a clip or a barrette.

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