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Thursday, April 14, 2011

I wonder............

I have been a bit distracted with work, my kids, my health, struggling to sell my jewelry and it seems its all going no where. I take 2 steps forward then fall 3 back. Its frustrating and I get so angry at the world.
I am such a dreamer. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I image being this great Artist having my own little shop overlooking an ocean side tourist town. Welcoming & entertaining people from all over the world. Taking the time to know them and treat them with the Ute most courtesy. Close down for a break in the day. Make lunch for my love ones. Then after sipping tea waiting for the evening crowd to show up and ponder over my jewelry I created. But that is just a dream. I'm a 37 year old women with a family struggling to buy diapers for my daughter and have time for my son and in between that squeeze some time for work.
I entered a new store on Zibbet. I heard it from another artist in passing. So I looked in to it and decided to apply and create a store for AnnaBella Hand Made. As I'm  adding product in my little shop I wonder. Do people really look at the jewelry I make?why cant they leave a comment so I would know that they stopped by. It can be really annoying when I think like that. And I pray "Please Lord let some one atleast look at my stuff I make. And Lord its OK to send  customers my way to buy something, AMEN.
This is my Zibbet Shop...Please stop by and take a look.
& my

I will alway dream. No one can take that away from me.

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